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You may have special requirements for a highly individual garden. I am always ready to discuss how your wishes can be turned into a practical and attractive garden.
This page describes some of my designs to meet specific client briefs:

Very Small Garden

If you have only a small area for your garden, it can still be made into an interesting and enjoyable space.



Design for a Very Small Garden

In this design, I created an angled pergola between the garage and the house, which introduces interest through the changes in the perspectives along the path. A hexagonal lawn, surrounded by flower beds, provides a space to relax and changing interest throughout the year.

Oriental Theme

My clients wanted a Japanese garden to remind them of their time in that country. My aim was to transform a small suburban front garden into an oriental theme, using formal Japanese design principles.


Japanese Garden Design

.I selected natural stones and other Japanese garden ornaments to complement the overall design.

Personal Themes

You may have a particular idea that you want to be captured in your garden. One of my clients wanted flower beds that reminded them of a Hippopotamus when viewed from their upstairs windows. Another client wished to capture shapes and textures created by the painter Patrick Heron. I devised planting plans and styles which satisfied these highly individual requirements.


Hippopotamus Bed


Inspired by Patrick Heron

Computer-aided Visualisation

You might feel that you would like some help in visualising how your garden will look when completed. I can achieve this by producing a basic computer-aided 3-D view of the proposed design, which allows you to assess the perspective views from different location in the garden. The following example shows the view from a garden seat in a proposed garden.

Computer 3D Visualisation

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