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Design Aim:

The circular pond is the central feature of this design. The side furthest from the house is sloping, to display waterside planting, and there is a group of drilled standing stones, which provide a gentle flow of water down into the pond. Beyond the pond is a lawn, backed by a wooden pergola, with trellis to screen adjacent property. In a shady corner, there is a fernery backed by an existing old stone wall, with stone seats set on either side of a small pool. Old trees have been retained, including a plum tree, which is set within a curved lawn.

Sketch Plan

The overall theme is one of tranquility, with gently trickling water to provide an audible complement to the quiet views across the pond, to the pergola and fernery beyond. Or, on hot days, one can retreat to the shady fernery and look back to the house, past the old plum tree. The pergola provides scope for climbing plants and a shady 'tunnel' walk at the end of the garden.



View from the Fernery


Pond and Water Features


Spring Daffodils

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