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Design Aim:

My aim, in this small courtyard design, was to provide a tranquil space, which gives privacy in which to relax; this space includes a simple enclosed gazebo structure. My design gets away from the sense of a flat, two-dimensional rectangle and includes some moving water, emphasising curves rather than angular features. 

Trees and bamboos give height, together with supporting structures for climbers. Storage for tools, small mower etc., is provided at an appropriate position.The planting plays a vital part in achieving the design aims.  Interesting and varied foliage is the enduring heart of good planting, with flowers as a bonus to come and go as the seasons progress.

The starting point
for this project was
a typical 3-storey
town house, with a
garden 'patch' as
left by the buiders.

Sketch Plan



Raised Bed


Dining Patio


Circular Lawn


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