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Town Garden


The garden is at the back of a stone-built semi-detached town property, with the only access being through the house. The garden is about 35m long, including the courtyard area to the side of the house, and 6m wide. The long axis of the garden lies north-south, with south at the bottom of the garden.

My design divides the garden into a series of rooms, through which a staggered route of flow down the garden creates a sense of mystery. A view has, however, been preserved down the whole length, from the house to the arbour at the far end.

The room next to the house, the top garden, includes a water feature and a small lawn. Sheds on the boundary are masked with trellis and a row of three small trees.

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I designed the next room as a scented bower, set across the main axis of the garden. This area is bounded with trellis and scented climbers, enclosing a central square of decorative paving. The outbuildings on the boundary are screened by an arbour seat, which is surrounded to the back and sides with tall bamboo.

Beyond the scented bower, I have placed a classic potager, with an obelisk in the centre of each quarter. A gravelled path leads to a pergola, with another arbour seat set in the lower garden. The areas to the sides of the pergola are planted with shrubs and there are three small trees on the eastern boundary, to echo the three in the top garden.

The Lower Garden

The Scented Bower

The Top Garden

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