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Aston Rowant - August 2019



Aston Rowant NNR
8th August 2019

Welcome to my Site

Now retired, I have been taking photographs since my teens. My father was a keen amateur photographer and I was fascinated by darkroom technique from an early age. Since the advent of digital photography, I have transferred my photo-editing methods to computer software - mainly using Adobe Photoshop Elements. I do not subscribe to the view that the picture must be made in the camera and believe that the subsequent processing of the image is a key part of photography.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

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My Natural History Photography

My interest in photographing all forms of life in natural surroundings started as a challenge - how to capture highly mobile, colourful small creatures, such as butterflies, on film and, later, digitally.

Orange Tip
Orange Tip Butterfly

This interest evolved into a project to photograph all the 'mainstream' British butterflies in the wild. While engaged on this project, I realised there were lots of other interesting creatures, apart from butterflies, waiting for my macro lens. Thus, I branched out into other colourful insects, including dragonflies - and also into plants, with a special interest in native British orchids.

Migrant Hawker
Migrant Hawker Dragonfly

Photographing birds is a much more recent activity and had to wait for the availability of digital technology. I could not be bothered with waiting in hides for long periods and I find that even a tripod is an encumbrance! The advent of vibration reduction in telephoto lenses gave me the freedom to photograph birds, literally 'on the fly', and so I brought them into my repertoire as well. On the whole, I am more interested in producing an attractive image rather than a detailed illustration of a particular bird.

The Photographs on this Website

I started this website to 'showcase' my set of photographs of British butterflies, which I completed in 2007, and have subsequently expanded its scope to cover many other aspects of British natural history. I keep improving the photographs by constantly reviewing and replacing images, as I acquire better or more representative depictions of individual species.

Wigeon at Otmoor
Wigeon at RSPB Otmoor

The images can be accessed through the buttons on the Site Menu at the top left of this page. I have taken the photos over a period of many years, using both film and digital cameras. Many of the images have been copied digitally from slides or scanned from negatives or prints. Some of the various methods that I use are listed under Technical Information.

The images shown here are all at a small scale and low resolution. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing higher resolution photographs as either digital files or paper prints. Note that all the text and images are Copyright © Mike Flemming.

I acknowledge the encouragement that I received on setting up this website from Stephen Burch, whose own bird and dragonfly photos can be found at

I am also grateful to Peter Styles, whose photo site is at and who drew my attention to the Jalbum software from

All text and photographs on this website are Copyright © Mike Flemming.