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This information is intended to be used both by customers of my Garden Design service and also by anyone who shares my interest in plants.

In any garden, the planting plays a vital part in achieving the design aims. Interesting and varied foliage is the enduring heart of good planting, with flowers as a bonus to come and go as the seasons progress.

I studied botany during my University degree course and subsequently qualified in garden design from the Oxford College of Garden Design.

As an experienced plantsperson, I provide innovative planting schemes as an integral part of my garden design service, choosing plants that are appropriate for the situation and aspect of your garden. In order to help customers appreciate the huge range of plants that are available, this website illustrates those plants which are both personal favourites and provide the enduring interest that yields long-term satisfaction in the garden.

All the photographs were taken specially for this website and are Copyright Mike Flemming. A selection of Mike Flemming's Natural History photos can be seen at The photo galleries on this site were created using JAlbum software from

Please note that this site is still under development and only contains a small sample of the plants that will eventually be included. Click on one of the following Links to view the photographs:










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All text and photographs are Copyright Mike Flemming.
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