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last updated: 18 November 2019



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Botanic Design


Please note that I am now retiring and not accepting new design commisions.

Thank you to all my previous customers, who are always welcome to contact me for further consultation.
Ros Flemming

Click to visit my Natural History photo collection

The planting of a
garden plays a vital part in achieving the design aims.


Interesting and varied foliage is the enduring heart of good planting, with flowers as a bonus to come and go as the seasons progress. A selection of my favourite plants can be found by clicking on the following link:    Garden Plants


In addition to garden plants, I have a special interest in our native British Orchids, which hold a special attraction for naturalists and natural history photographers. They can be hard to find, elusive, with an air of mystery and a certain sense of the exotic.  You can view Mike Flemming's selection of Native Orchid photos at the following link:   Native British Orchids


Our project to photograph all the 'mainstream' British Butterflies was completed in 2007, during a trip to Scotland for the Chequered Skipper.  You can view these photos at the following link: British Butterflies


All text and photographs on this website are Copyright Mike Flemming.